While Testosterone is technically a steroid ,  the physioloigic effects differ from “anabolic steroids”.  Additionally , we aim to keep your testosterone levels within normal  physiologic range as opposed to extremely elevated levels that are achieved with anabolic steroids. This allows men to feel their best,  maintain lean body mass, improve mental focus and sex drive, achieve better quality of sleep, and better life outlook without the dangerous side effects of extremely elevated  testosterone levels.

The majority of men who engage in TRT notice significant increases in energy, mental focus and clarity,  a better sense of well being,  increased libido and erectile function,  improved sleep quality, better ability to bulid muscle and maintain lean body mass, and decreased brain fog.

Testosterone replacement therapy is extremely safe and effective.  However, some men do develop some side effects  which include, but are not limited to ,  testicular atrophy, hair loss,  nipple tenderness,  and moodiness.  These side effects are easily managed  by qualified health care practictioners.  This stresses the importance of  entrusting your testosterone  replacement therapy to  physiicians that fully understand and are dedicated to helping men achieve the most benefit from TRT. 

This is a common misconception about TRT.  TRT allows men to more easily obtain muscle and lean body mass through diet and exercise, but will not by itself  lead to optimal body composition.  This stresses the importance of  maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on TRT.

Long term TRT has not been shown to lead to any significant long term health risks if managed properly.  One study published over 50 years ago with 2 patients  showed an increased risk of prostate cancer with testosterone supplementation. However, subsequent studies have shown equivalent prostate cancer risk in those  treated with testosterone versus those that have never taken testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction can be due to many different factors including emotional, and physicial.  Emotional factors include increased stress,  anxiety/depression,  and poor sleep patterns.  Physical causes  can range from neurological problems, but largely are due to problems with blood flow to the penis. 

Using a combination of inoninvasive modalities that help increase blood flow to the penis dramatically, and the P-shot (PRP injections) most erectile  dysfunction can be improved  or eliminated.

Hair loss, or alopecia, can occur for various reasons: Genetics, Hormonal Changes, Age, Medical Conditions, Poor Nutrition, Stress, Lifestyle Factors, even Medications…It’s important for men experiencing hair loss to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause and explore appropriate treatment options. Give Dr. Chiriano a call today for options to help you get your hair back! 


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